I've been a technical founder at four startups in three continents, built teams to develop games and web applications and had two company exits.
Conversational AI ArchitectGoogle2020/11~
Developing tools to power the development of AI applications
Working on a range of tools to help large virtual agent projects move quicker
Planning and developing processes and tools for chat bot experimentation
Work directly with strategic CCAI customers on massive scale virtual agents
Technologies: Python | numpy/sklearn | Dialogflow CX | Looker / Datastudio | Google cloud |
Building a range of chatbot games for friends, family and teammates to play in Zoom, Slack, Discord
Developed a Game engine for multiplayer text adventures inside chat platforms
Authoring tools for distributed writers and creators
Technologies: ReactJS | NodeJS | MongoDB | DialogFlow | Custom DSL |
Consulting CTO/EIRSOS Ventures / MOX / ChinAccelerator2020/09~
CTO coaching and AI/Data architecture for one of the world's most active early stage investors
Consulting CTO/EIR with a focus on machine learning, NLP and metrics
CTO coaching for multiple startups
Building shared tools for startups to develop data network effects
Web / Bot / NLP EngineerDirectly.com2019/09~2020/08
Developing infrastructure for the AI revolution
Built ML training dashboard for NLP labeling
Developed toolchain for managing and merging iterations of NLP models
Building next generation conversational AI tools
Technologies: Python | ReactJS | NodeJS | MongoDB | Scikit-learn | DataBricks |
AI / Chatbots / Web / CTORIKAI Labs2015/03~2019/09
Rikai Labs provides an AI chatbot for English Language Learning on WeChat, and a SaaS chatbot platform to B2B clients in China
Built SaaS chatbot authoring platform used in house and by our clients
Developed 'bot logic engine with custom script language and NLP/ML intent/entity detection
Launched 'bots for VISA, MetLife, MeadJohnson, PwC, HSBC, Publicis and many more
Raised $100k seed from 500 Startups and ChinAccelerator then bootstrapped to $500K ARR
Technologies: Python | NodeJS | ReactJS | VueJS | WeChat | MongoDB | GenSim | fastText | Neo4J |
CTO / Studio HeadKLab KK / Klab America2012/04~2015/02
KLab is a public japanese company that acquired my Tokyo startup Pikkle KK. I relocated from Tokyo to SF and setup the US studio.
Recruited local team and built and shipped 'Crystal Casters' on Android and iOS
Managed local and remote client dev team using Unity3D and custom asset pipeline
Architected and built Python/Postgres game server for in-app purchases
Built game metrics tool with JS/MongoDB to to aid tuning game balance and monetization
Ran growth hacks for user acquisition and managed ROI across multiple channels
Technologies: Python | NodeJS | Unity | MongoDB | Postgres | D3 | Tableaux |
Developer / DesignerPikkle KK2005/03~2012/04
Founded Pikkle KK a social mobile game startup in Tokyo. We published a mix of original titles and developed apps for other companies
Launched 'JooJoo' social network JV with japan's largest ad network Adways
Using RubyOnRails developed a social game framework we used across multiple apps
Built server side SWF generator to render flash games for japanese mobile phones
Developed 'Disney Circle' SNS with Disney Mobile using our Flash engine
Developed Restaurant City with EA/Playfish. DragonBall mobile for BandaiNamco
Raised $1M strategic investment from Mixi, japan's leading social network
Director Overseas BusinessBandaiNamco Games2003/04~2005/04
Worked with mobile operators worldwide to build Namco's international mobile games business
Managed development and roadmap for dozens of SKUs for J2ME phones and operators
Developed common J2ME carrier billing SDK working 'blind' without GSM network in Tokyo
Found partners and launched China market to become our #2 overseas channel
Negotiated with operators to get deck placement/co-promotion for our brands like Pacman
VP Content R&DPacketVideo2002/04~2003/03
PacketVideo acquired and my team formed PV's Content R&D Group
Tom & Jerry game concept for TimeWarner, 3D RaceGame for T-Mobile
Architected 'OMAP Studio' which lead to TI $20M joint venture
Full Stack Dev / DesignerGamelet.com1997/03~2002/03
Gamelet built games and rich media marketing websites
Developed games for Disney, EA, Sony and more
built advergames/java marketing sites for Nike, Snapple, P&G and more
Game Developer / ProducerTripMedia Ltd1994/03~1997/03
London based game developer
Designed and produced 'Burn:Cycle' which entered the UK game charts at #1 and won multiple awards
Self-funded the sequel 'Virtual Nightclub' from royalties
Creative Director / DesignerDecode Design1991/03~1995/03
London's first 'digital design' agency. I started this while at Art College
Published three books including 'Colliers Rules for Desktop Design'
Chelsea School of Art | Graphic Design
Kings College | Mathematics
Visual UX/UI for AI applicationsConversational AI, Community DesignAuthoring tools to amplify productivityReal-time applications (chat, data streams)Language design and grammar for computers - and humans too!Game mechanics applied to social applicationsCoaching and mentoring, decision making tools