ZeroContact NFT Puzzle


The world's first NFT puzzle! Created to go with the new Anthony Hopkins movie, ZeroContact.


This is a multi-part NFT puzzle.

10 puzzle pieces

We sold 10 unique NFTs that each contained part of the puzzle. They are interactive and solvable, and the game can be played right on OpenSea.


1 'map' piece

A final "map" NFT shows the resolution as players solve each individual part.


We sold all of these NFT items on OpenSea with other special benefits.

I designed the puzzles, wrote the client animation code and server code as well as a solidity contract using OpenSea proxy for low-cost minting, and tools to generate the metadata and batch mint and deploy the contracts for this unique NFT project.

community engagement

We opened a discord serve where players could try and collaborate to solve the individual puzzles. The design was multistage, such that it was easy to solve the first step, but gradually got harder. The puzzle was designed to take more than one brain and a week or so to solve.

Over time we were able to leak out clues via Twitter to encourage players to solve the puzzle.

  • worlds first interactive NFT puzzle
  • community engagement to solve collaboratively
  • sold as a standalone algorithmic artwork




The project got massive attention and was featured on OpenSea front page, and we generated ~ $100k in sales in 2 days of auction.