Disney WonderDays

I developed the core engine for a mobile social network for Disney in Japan.

We were able to dynamically render flash files on the server and provide them as full-screen content into japanese mobile web browsers. This was before smartphones, when Japanese phones were unique and could play very limited "flash lite".

Working with TOSE a local game developer, we developed the idea for Disney of "Disney Wonder Days", a mobile Social Network (SNS)

This combined social functions and mobile phone customization. The customized flash content could be used as screensavers.

Disney Avatars


Users were able to create animated custom avatars with Disney character artwork.


Users could customize elements of their room.


At certain times Mickey Mouse would appear in the main "Lobby" of the site! Some of these areas presented many performance problems with including multiple users, all with much customization, in the same area. We had to implement various caching layers of intermediate binary data, to be recombined at the last minute.

My role was mainly developing the core flash rendering engine which allowed full-screen flash and design of customization features.