TEN | Total Escape Network

The pandemic has made working from home the norm, and friends families and team mates are losing touch with each other.

We're developing a range of games that can be played together in Slack, Zoom and Discord.

The games are cooperative, and you can use voice chat to play them.

A bit like a real-world Escape Room but played fully online with our chatbots acting as "game masters" to host the game.

duo stairs note

The file format for the interactive stories is documented here, so you can write your own! There's a simple language for describing a state machine where objects can interact with each other to trigger events:

# user says this
- match: use matches (on|with) lamp
  # check ALL these conditions
  # does user has matches?
      - matches.has = yes
  # if true then do this
    # reply and set property on the 'lamp' object
    reply: You light the lamp with the matches
      - lamp.state = lit

intro desk tutorial

Join the Discord server and play games here!

Find out more at https://ten.rik.ai