MiniBot Bots and Demos

The format of interative "chat apps" - bots inside mini-programs was novel, but needed some explanation. Our authoring tools allowed us to work with clients and innovation teams to turn around ideas quickly. We built a number of projects using this framework, as well as having our SDK used by other companies.

I also spoke at various event to promote our MiniBot platform


Working with Melilim Fu, a Chinese beauty influencer and the top makeup artist of her generation, we built a WeChat bot to recommend make up styles to you. Using minibots allows a very visual experience.


Working with ParkLu one of China's leading KOL networks, we built this "panel bot" for China's leading wechat conference, CHat in Shanghai. The panel bot was used to gather questions from a live audience. Some of the answers were prepared in advanced and we used our classifier to choose the answers. Questions could also be voted on by members of the audience. We rotated new and existing questions to give a real feeling of being "live" to the bot.


Sanya is "China's Hawaii" and we built this TravelBot demo to show how MiniBot framework could provide more visual search results and instant bookings, along with chatbot answers to travellers questions.

This presentation laid out how the Minibot could help on all the touchpoints of a traveler to Sanya.


SurveyBot was a quick demo for one of our automotive clients showing how a dull survey could be brought to life with minibot media and responsive GIFs.


This parenting advice bot was used by MeadJohnson to market their line of baby foods. It prsented parenting advice in an interactive format.


Working with Sanofi's Shanghai innovation hub, RIKAI Labs built a custom chatbot and knowledge base around diabetes drugs. The bot can answer simple quesitons, and assist Healthcare professionals (HCPs) with details on the latest drugs available from Sanofi Chatbot can assist with simple, frequent and repetitive questions, such as the instructions and contraindications of certain drugs. The bot can also learn from chats with experts to cope with complex queries.

English Genie

We also leveraged the MiniBot platform for our own English Genie language learning AI chatbot.