Joo Joo Social network

Pikkle KK in a joint venture with Adways, Japan's largest mobile ad network, launched "JooJoo" a mobile social network. Pikkle did design and development and adways was responsible for user acquisition and monetization.

The site was a combination of avatars, mini-games and chat. We had a unique mail based battle system, where players could challenge each other asynchronously even when offline, and this also drove retention, the email challenges pulling players back to the site.

RASH Realtime Flash engine


Building on the tech developed for the Disney Wonder Days SNS, we built our next-gen RASH system to support dynamic flash. We used Ruby On Rails as the overall framework and server-side HTML pages, and inserted flash binaries into some responses for japanese mobile phones. This enabled a completely unique "full screen flash" style for the service.

By dynamically server rendering Flash files we could replace user's own avatars into the various games and pages.

This was a huge jump from simple static flash lite games that were the norm at that time.


We reached 250K monthly users and operated the service for two years, a lifetime in fast moving social games, but moved to building games for the big mobile social game networks when Mixi invested in us.

I designed the system, did a lot of the development and mini-games design and coding. We had a small studio of 15 people building two different product lines at a time, including projects for BandaiNamco, Electronic arts as well as our own designed and developed titles.


At Pikkle we developed and published a lot of other games too! Made in 2011.

These type of game are really just coming of age in the crypto gaming revolution in 2021!