I love Hackathons - the thrill of coming up with an idea and making a demo over a weekend or less...

Here are some of the hackathon ideas I've built or won prizes for.

Collaboration Club

An idea to create a meta-network of experts that would span multiple Slack groups. A user could post a question to our bot, which was present in multiple Slack teams. The bot would forward the question to multiple experts who had signified interest in the topic in other teams. To grease the wheels we also provided a basic knowledge base via google and stack overflow scraped results.

Winner: This won the Slack prize at the Launch hackathon.

slack prize


This was a hybrid bot that would help you draw up basic contracts by asking a series of questions. Better than a dry legalzoom form, it would also give you advice along the way and help explain the questions.

The bot was also setup to review existing contracts by comparing clauses to other contracts in the same field, to highlight terms that are unusual.

Finally the bot would hand off to a real lawyer for more complex matters, with seamless handoff.

Add a little "Eliza bot" for therapy after an intense legal session, and it made for a nice demo. This was all built out in a weekend, and we worked in the APIs of the NLP company sponsor.

This won a couple of prizes at SF Developer Week Hackathon from GupShup and the NLP company.

AI Design Consultant

Built over the weekend at IKEAs hackathon in Shanghai using my MiniBot Framework we managed to connect IKEA's bakend product API to a speech input system. After designing your dream room you could share it with your friends and family to get input.


Why don't people use budgeting tools? There are too many numbers. They're impersonal. They don't provide actionable advice. FinBot solves these problems with a friendly user interface and concrete, simple advice.

FinBot is designed to help people who have a fear of finance. With FinBot, making budgets and setting realistic goals is easy.

Built for the Capital One Money Hackathon

Backchannel hall

I worked with a couple of friends to build a on-location Chatroom. This was based on the table numbers we were all assigned at the launch event and allowed dev teams to meet each other across the room!

Launch Check

Winner Sponsor prize and $5k


Another edtech app that did tracking of students progress.

Winner Startup Weekend Edu SF 2017 1st prize

Rock Your Voice

Rock Your voice This app allowed you to speak into the mic, and perform basic analysis for your english level. Speech recognition and some basic level checking server side for English tasks.

Winner Startup Weekend Edu Bay Area 2016

TechCrunch / Disrupt Hackathon

I've joined TC Disrupt a few times. One of my first trips to Beijing I joined the TechCrunch hackathon.

This idea called "JoBot" got an honourable mention and a writeup in TechCrunch.

Techcrunch Beijing Jobot

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