Grapheme NFT Hackathon

This project is a two part "composable" NFT artwork generator. You roll a dice to mint low-cost "letters" that can then be combined into a larger artwork as "words". The words can then be minted and traded on OpenSea or Rarible.

With two friends, we built this over the period of a week of evenings, so it's a bit rough around the edges, but it shows a few core ideas for the next level of NFTs:

multiplayer NFT projects

As game mechanics get more merged into the NFT landscape, this ability for players to have meaningful trading and exchange will become more important, especially in fostering a community.

composable NFTs

We showed how using a single contract there can be multiple NFT embodiments, so a player can combine the parts to get a more creative whole.

Social Objects

In future you'll be able to borrow letters from others in the community, becoming the "social objects" the community can form around.

randomness and control

The dice roll for letters is random, giving the surprise and joy of a great roll. This levels the playing field and makes it more fun.

But the selection of which letters you use to create your final artwork, and the arrangement, is up to the final player.


Front page, hackathon style!

letters Pay a small fee to mint some random letters. These are generated with their own DNA from the roll, and an ASCII art algorithm to render them as cubic peices.

words Combine letters to create words using the ASCII art studio. Control positioning, selection, and some other properties. When you're done you can "mint" the final piece.

Note these are generated as ASCII art so you can use the result as a .signature or a tweet or any place where text can be used!

mint When you have a great combination, mint it to keep it!


These are standard ERC721 tokens, so they can be traded on OpenSea or Rarible etc.