Crystal Casters

The japanese social game publisher KLab bought my company Pikkle KK in Tokyo, and I moved to San Francisco to setup the US studio. My role was:

  • Game concept
  • SF Studio setup, recruiting, operations
  • Technical architecture for development
  • Liase with Tokyo head office over budget, schedules and marketing
  • Oversee marketing/user acquisition/growth hacking
  • Come up with low-cost 'growth hacks' to drive usage
  • Game operations and metrics

Game Concept

I decided on a format combining a western candy-crush like action puzzle mechanic, and a japanese 'card battle' game system, and pitched this to the Japan head-office. Concept

Deck Building

Players could win new 'cards' by beating the puzzle game levels. This system combines realtime puzzle gameplay with longer term character progression to drive in-app purchases. deck.png


I worked mostly on:

  • server-side game system using Python, Flask and PostgreSQL
  • built a custom metrics analysis system using mongoDB to track purchase breakdowns
  • Feedback Loop to promote offers and in-game items at the right time to players
  • The client was developed in Unity3D with C# partly in SF and part in KLab's Philippines studio.