Talking Blocks NFT Artwork

An interactive NFT artwork created with an artist friend of mine, REMO Camerota.

This is generative art where each purchased piece creates an ERC721 "non-fungible" token (NFT) which is stored on the Eth blockchain. This provides a unique seed which we use for the piece. Each iteration is as unique as a blockchain hash.


The rendering code is openly published in the smart contract on the ethereum blockchain so the results are reproducible and verifiable. The visual variations are a result of the code reading the minted hash making each invocation unique but not random - deterministic and repeatable until the end of time.

The NFT is interactive on the ArtBlocks site and using preview features on OpenSea for interaction. You can speak to and using webspeech API the artwork will respond to you. You can click to interact and "glitch" the artwork.

Since the code itself is in the contract and on the ethereum chain, every byte counts. sI spent time optimizing all the above to get under 16k - it's like the demoscene meets crypto!

Now might be the time to buy one! They're priced at 0.1 ETH each mint. But the code and everything to recreate the image is there for eternity so you're getting a unique, interactive, immortal artwork!

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