WelcomeBot for Budweiser

Welcome new users into the budweiser WeChat account

I developed the Rikai Bot scripting language 'RiBot' which allowed interns and non-technical staff to script chatbots. Our team created a personality quiz for users following the Budweiser wechat account.



We created a personality Quiz "What kind of Party Animal are you?" and gave the users a fun takeaway. This quiz was built purely with the scripting language, with no need for lower-level "hard coding"

User Segmentation and tagging

segmentation The questions were a mix of fun stuff and more marketing related like "How many beers do you drink a week?"

A|B Testing


We used RiBot AB Testing function to compare our new Bot with the previous existing flow on the AB InBev account.


funnel The new bot generated a 200% increase in e-commerce sales