BAP Bot Application Platform

I developed a Bot Authoring Platform (BAP) to allow non-technical people to build chatbots.

BAP Editor


Using React and Redux, I built an authoring dashboard and editor tool that allowed users to edit their bot scripts. There is a form based editor, and also a map preview to visualize the connected nodes of a script. Bot creators could also drop down into raw 'RiBot' code. Templates allowed often used bot scripts to be quickly re-used but just variables replaced.

RiBot scripting language


The Rikai Bot scripting language 'RiBot' is an easy to use scripting language. This is a bit like a text-parser for a text adventure game engine. RiBot Script features:

  • variables
  • loops
  • conditionals
  • access user properties (nickname etc)
  • apply tags to users

RiBot Runtime

The runtime engine would interpret RiBot scripts, parse user input and also allow realtime chats from agents to be injected.

The script could also pass-through inputs to the NLP system for more sophisticated recognition of intents and entities from our NAP backend, and then respond based on that analysis.

The script language also integrates tightly with WeChat platform, allowing bots to send articles, or tag users for follow-on marketing.